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Our Products

Dakota Provisions™ is a state-of-the-art, world-class protein manufacturer that produces the best turkey products in the industry. All our self-sustainable farms are found in the golden prairies of the Midwest and practice sustainable processes that support humane treatment and are best for the environment.

Here at Dakota Provisions we have two product divisions. Our first division includes our consumer brands within foodservice and retail. These products fall within most categories, including convenience foods for immediate consumption (G&G) Grab N Graze™. The brands we offer include Dakota 44™, Prairie Grown™, and Dakota Provisions™.

  • Dakota 44™ is our top-tier premium retail brand with attributes your customers demand today: humanely raised, raised with no antibiotics ever, and transparency. Dakota 44™ products thrill foodie’s taste buds and are convenient and versatile forms.
  • Prairie Grown™ is our value-added retail brand. Prairie Grown™ promises to support and do their part to sustain today’s families and for generations to come. With a strong commitment to all our futures, this brand dedicates to producing only products that support local family farms, is wholesome, are delicious, versatile, and affordable for all.
  • Dakota Provisions™ is our ethnic driven fully cooked foodservice line. Dakota Provision™ has successfully fused products that include today’s preferred flavor profiles, have quick cook times, and in forms designed to serve in many recipes.

Division two here at Dakota Provisions  is our best in class private label & further processing division. Our division two offers both fresh and fully cooked products. With an array of forms and packaging options available to you, we’re sure to meet your needs.

Private Label Raw Products

Turkey Parts
(Bone in or Boneless)

All types of fresh and frozen turkey parts
40 lb. bulk pack or 1500 lb. combo bins
Foil wrap roasts

Ground Turkey

Formulated to specification
Various grind sizes
40 lb. bulk/frozen 1-10 lb. chubs
Map tray pack

Mechanically Deboned Turkey

Fresh or frozen
40 lb. Bulk or 2000 lb. combo bins

Pre-Mixed Meat Slurries

Formulated to specification in 1500 lb. combo bins
Ability to accommodate many materials

Private Label Ready to eat products

Whole Muscle

Turkey breast (any shape or size)

Boneless pork hams (any flavor or shape) smoked, round, D-shaped

Roast beef, natural

Turkey Breast (shaving, 3-piece)
3-12 lb. weight range

Oven roasted, cook-in-bag, smoked, netted or collagen casing


Custom Formulations

Turkey, chicken, beef and pork

All lengths, round, D-shaped, square and natural shape

Deli Slicing Logs

Formulated to customer specifications

Cook-in-bag, fibrous casing
Square, D-shaped, round

72-inch and lower
Roasted, baked, steam cooked, smoked

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