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Delicatessen Products:

Whole Muscle

•  Turkey breast (any shape or size)
•  Boneless pork hams (any flavor or shape) smoked, round, D-shaped
•  Roast beef, natural
•  Turkey Breast (shaving, 3-piece)
•  3-12 lb. weight range
•  Oven roasted, cook-in-bag, smoked, netted or collagen casing


•  Custom Formulations
•  Turkey, chicken, beef and pork
•  Smoked/cook-in-bag
•  All lengths, round, D-shaped, square and natural shape

Deli Slicing Logs

•  Formulated to customer specifications
•  Cook-in-bag, fibrous casing
•  Square, D-shaped, round
•  72-inch and lower
•  Roasted, baked, steam cooked, smoked

Dakota Provisions


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