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DP Corporate Responsibility Report 2017

The year 2017 marks the twelfth year of operation for Dakota Provisions and our mission to preserve our Earth has not diminished.  Our company remains dedicated to fully supporting our Dakota Provisions Sustainability Program.  Our program is spearheaded by a seasoned, full time executive level associate who administers and guides this effort with support from all our associates.

Our efforts to date have produced some impressive results, and we continue to pursue additional programs to help support our overall effort.  Accomplishments include:  34% reduction in water usage; 25% reduction in gas usage; 28% in water usage and 28% reduction in waste going to the landfill.

In working with our local community and state and through our continued commitment we will strive for, and will not be satisfied, until we have the same spirit and effort displayed by all our 1000+ employees and their friends and neighbors in their own homes and neighborhoods.

I am proud of our accomplishments and am looking forward to and expecting that we can provide even greater emphasis and positive results in this important portion of our company efforts.

To all of our associates, suppliers and community friends participating in this effort, I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the work accomplished so far and remind everyone that “SERVING OUR CUSTOMERS WHILE PRESERVING OUR EARTH” is a daily part of our companies and associates daily efforts and above else, it is the right thing to do for our company, our associates, our communities, our state, our country and our planet.

Download the 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report PDF here


Kenneth D. Rutledge


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