Our Facility

Dakota Provisions, started processing at their $120 million state-of-the-art processing plant in 2006.  The plant was designed with food safety and technological innovation built in.  Located along with the corporate office on a 114-acre site east of Huron, S.D., the facility harvests, debones and cooks turkeys. It has the capacity for 10 million live turkeys per year and produces a complete line of fully cooked turkey products as well as pork, beef and chicken products. Our plant is not just a processing facility; the facility has dedicated research and quality assurance laboratories and kitchens to continually test, develop and monitor our products. 

A newly constructed testing facility, separate from the main facility, continually tests product to ensure food safety and product quality.  

Dakota Provisions is committed to be a continuously sustainable company and is dedicated to finding ways to lessen our impact on our environment.  

In 2017 the company constructed a new 70,000 square foot production cooking facility located on the West side of Huron.  This facility tripled the cooking capacity for the company and allows opportunity for newly formulated product production.

The recent addition of a 6 million pound storage freezer at our Dakota Gobblers Cold Storage facility in Huron has allowed the company to provide better direct oversite of all freezing and storing operations. 

All Dakota Provisions products are geared toward food service, co-manufacturing and niche markets.

Upon opening, the plant employed more than 300 associates and at present, at all operations, employs more than 1100 associates, making Dakota Provisions one of the top ten production companies in South Dakota.